Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday Gift Giving GUIDE
If you have an athlete, cyclist, triathlete or mountain bike rider on your holiday list and you are having a hard time finding the right gift to give. You have come to the right place. Any or all of these items the person you are shopping for would be excited to get any of these gifts this year. Each item has a direct link to their website for ordering online as well as some have discount coupon codes.  

The Orange Mud Hydra Quiver is perfect for keeping anyone hydrated out hiking or running. This great hydration pack can hold more than just a bottle. It can hold numerous items including gels, nutrition, cellphone, keys and much more. 

Or maybe Orange Mud's transition wrap!

Check them out at 

Cat-Ears will keep your cyclist safe by letting them hear others around them while riding. These simply strap onto any helmet's straps, placing them in front of the ear.  These are not only proven but lab tested and the end result is they are very effective. 

Check them out at 

Udderly Smooth body and foot cream will keep your runners feet and skin smooth. For the cyclists or mountain biker on your list buy them a jar of Udderly Smooth's Chamois cream to keep them chafe free on long training rides and races.  Believe me they will appreciate this more than you think they would. 

Check them out here

Give them a little squeeze. RecoFit's calf compression sleeves. These are great for runner or cyclists. Recovery has never been so easy.  These calf compression sleeves can even be worn during a training workout or anytime the calf and leg muscles need help in recovering. 

Check them out here

Fuel your athlete with a variety of Amrita plant based nutrition energy bars! If you don't buy them a whole box of 12, you can always mix and match and even use them as a stocking stuffer.  In the past year Amrita has unveiled three new protein packed flavor combinations. 

Use the code "timhacker16" and receive 15 percent off your purchase!

Check them out here 

Carb BOOM energy gels are a great stocking stuffer.  Numerous flavors to choose from or order them a variety pack. 

Check them out here

How about the very innovative See.Sense ICON head and/or tail lights or See.Sense 2.0, intelligent sense technology, motion gesture control smart tail light with CREE LED’s provides a 180 degree light pattern. 

See.Sense ICON with BlueTooth Technology

See.Sense 2.0 
Check them out here

And last but not least, maybe for the runner your shopping for that suffers from plantar fasciitis 
and help their joints recover fast with Frozen Peaz!  These can be used for either hot or cold therapy. Simply keep them in your freezer and apply after a tough workout. 
These also work great for treating migraine headaches. 

Use the code "TimHakr" (not case sensitive) for a discount on Frozen Peaz

Check them out at 

The Spruzza Mist System

It may be cold outside now, but believe me the summer heat will be back.  Check out the Spruzza Mist system and keep cool while cycling. This simple and innovative device will do just that. 

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