Friday, August 12, 2016

My Favorite MTB Trail in the past few years.

A good warm up on the road, maybe five miles or so, then into San Tan Regional Park.  Dynamite Trail is a great workout, going north to south on the trail and getting some good elevation. At the bottom on the other side I connect with the San Tan Trail and ride around some great rolling hills around the park. I have wanted to explore more of the trails, but the heat sets in. This fall I want to get around the park more and check out more of the trails. With the entrance I use, it's a $2 pay station. I stop by the main entrance on the way out for a quick refill of the water bottles. I end the ride with about a three mile cool down. The elevation gain gets the heart rate up thats for sure. The total distance of this ride is about 22 miles and I have done numerous times.

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