Friday, August 19, 2016

CURT Tray-Style Bike Rack Locking Knobs #18090

CURT Tray-Style Bike Rack Locking Knobs #18090

Original knob that comes on the  CURT tray-style racks #18086 and #18084 

This is the original set of knobs the rack comes with but can easily be replaced with locking ones.

These locking knobs #18090,  increase the security of your bicycle while attached to the rack. Two knobs and keys come with the kit. 

The Curt tray-style bike racks, both the #18086 and the #18084 can benefit with added security from using locking knobs #18090. (CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18086, which holds up to four bikes or the CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18084 which can hold up to two bicycles.)  The set of two locking knobs both use the same key. I have set up my #18086 using a locking knob on the tallest of the two supports that securely hold down the top tube of each bike. With the knobs being used like this, it will be more difficult for a would be thief to push the lower support upwards, high enough to take the smaller bike out, if that makes sense. The locking knobs easily replace the knobs that come on the rack to begin with. With the locking knob installed, simply turn in the key in the lock, after tightening it down. After locking the knob, the knob will still spin, both ways, yet will not loosen. I guess you could spin it all day, but the knob will not loosen up, until the key is inserted once again and the lock is unlocked.  The locking knobs come with two keys.  I like this set up because you don't have to carry a lock and cable and run it through the frame or wheels. The top tube of the bike is locked down, its not going anywhere. 

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