Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quick trip to Colorado

Earlier this month my family and I had a great visit and quick vacation to Colorado.  My kids were on their Spring Break and we all flew up to Colorado where we met up with my wife in Denver.  While there I got to visit the World Headquarters of the Cat-Ears facility and manufacturing plant. My wife, kids and I were treated to a tour by the owners Rick and Heidi. Here they manufacture the wind diffusing helmet strap devices I love, wear and use, as do the rest of my family. Not only do they construct the devices here, but also are involved in heavily researching how the sound of the wind can be reduced even more while wearing Cat-Ears.

Pictured my son was able to test out how the sound of the wind is reduced wearing a helmet with Cat-Ears with a simulated 25 MPH wind. 

On the trip I we stayed at my wife's friends house in Fort Collins. There I was able to borrow a mountain bike and test out the trails, at elevation. Very different then back down in the desert here in Arizona that's for sure. 

What an amazing trip we had and fun along the way. 

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