Friday, February 12, 2016

The See.Sense ICON bicycle tail light

This Bluetooth Smart bike light is very innovative and impressive. The numerous features, with more being added with firmware updates. This bike light with its theft and crash detection options is a must have for any cyclist. The dual CREE LED's are bright enough for being very visible for daytime use. The bike tail light comes in the option of 2x95 Lumen or 2x125 Lumen brightnesses. I love the option of the dimming the light on group rides, as you don’t want to blind the rider, if there is one behind you. If you are out riding by yourself, then turning it up the max brightness. The theft detection option will allow you to get about 100 feet away from your bike (light attached of course) and you being alerted as to when your bike has moved or motion has occurred to the light somehow.  When playing with the light in this option, my son and daughter had fun trying to see if they could walk away with the light in their hand from the coffee table after the alarm was set to go off. A car horn sound as well as alert message appear on the phone telling you to check on your bike. Typically on a group ride, others watch your bike for you while running in to use the bathroom or get more water at a convince store. This is great, because that means, I can take a bathroom break, if I am out riding by myself and know my bike being guarded by the ICON if the small lock I carry isn’t enough to slow down a would be thief. I am just super impressed with first of all the brightness and flash patterns the light provides. 

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