Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gonzo Group Suspension Trainer

Besides my kettle bell and sandbag I often use for my weight workouts, I use the Gonzo Group’s suspension trainer. Not for all exercises.  Quality straps are built into this suspension trainer. I primarily right not use it with the door frame attachment. I do however love the carabiner and how after hooked, using the allen key it can be securely closed.  There are numerous exercises I do with this including lat pulls, bicep curls, reverse fly, as well as one legged squats, etc.  The handles are very comfortable. The adjustments are easy to make, making switching from exercise to exercise fast. I like how it is very portable, if you would to need to bring with you. 

This is a great home workout suspension trainer and look to get many awesome workouts using it and learning more exercises I can do with it. 

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