Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Android MAX, lapel mic for recording sound

This is a quick over-view and look at the Android-MAX professional lavalier microphone. This high quality lavalier microphone is simple and easy to use. Plug it into the 3.5 mm headphone port on your android device, select a voice recording app and your ready to go. Place the device on “airplane mode” so phone calls or messages won’t disturb your recording. Not only can this lapel mic be used with android phones but with the enclosed Smart Conversion Adapter Cable can also work with iOS devices. The uni directional mic is attached to a cord that is 3 feet 9 inches long. This sound of this entire video was recorded with the Android MAX plugged into my smart phone, creating a WAV file.  The sound was matched up with the video in post production.  So what does this mean. Even those on a budget and not having an expensive lavalier microphone set, plugged directly into a camera can benefit. Using a DSLR to record sound is difficult, but now with this you can use this microphone with any camera set up. The sound in this video was recorded using the Android MAX and the video was captured in HD on either my smartphone or simple point and shoot camera, that has the ability to shoot video.  Better yet, forget about the crappy sound you get from your GoPro, use this mic along wth your smartphone, then sync the video from the camera up with the sound file from your smartphone. 

By the way, the mic comes with two noise dampening wind screens as well as two mic clips. 

Check out the Android-Max on Amazon USA here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017VQYLXW

Check out the Android-Max on the Microphones and More website here: http://www.msandm.biz/#!android-max/c13yc 

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