Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

I am a fan of at home workout devices and using an exercise ball is one of them.  Not that I am a huge person, but I like knowing that the Live Infinitely exercise ball can support up to 2200 pounds. Invite over your best elephants of friends without worrying about this ball exploding. With that said the ball is very well manufactured out of a high grade PVC material. When ordering, due to my height I ordered the 75cm size. This ball can also be used as a sitting ball helping improve your posture as well as engage core muscles while sitting and balancing. Live Infinitely offers a workout guide on their web site after purchasing, but I already have a workout routine in place. Once inflated, with the included pump and air plug inserted, the ball holds the air very well, not having to re inflate before every use. The texture of the ball is great and the PVC material is okay to use with heels of tennis shoes dug into it when doing hamstring exercises. Socks also grip the material well too. The ball comes with great instructions on how to inflate and care for it as well as safety precautions. The ball is perfect for throwing down in front of the TV and doing exercises or stretches while watching.  When ordering keep in mind your height, as you will want to order one specific for your height. 

I have even thought of bringing it to my office and use a a ball chair to improve my posture as well as work on engaging my core muscles more while sitting. 


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