Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quality Workouts During the Three-Day Weekend

22.70 miles

27.08 miles 

34.07 miles 

It was an amazing three day weekend.  I was able to ride every morning and get some great quality rides in. The weather is starting to become nicer in the morning and Monday’s ride was pretty much cloud covered and near the end sprinkles started to come down. I can recall a few years ago, not really eating much before heading out on a ride of say 20 miles or more. Half-way through the ride I would feel tired and just lose all energy I had, or thought I had. I have definitely changed up how I eat both leading up to a training ride and right before.  Of course I consume nutrition during the ride.  My total distance for the past three days has been 83.85 miles, with the furthest ride being the last day at 34.07 miles. 
Now here is my biggest jump in the next three weeks.  Bringing back the short run workouts after my rides as well as running workouts by themselves.  In my mind there are the two sprint triathlons, in October, I am working towards but have not signed up or totally committed to. 

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