Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Taylor Smart Digital Scale

A sample shot of the screen shows in the lower half near the left the BlueTooth symbol showing information is transferring to the smart device it is paired with. 
 The Taylor Smart Digital Scale, model #7222F.  Smart in the name means it connects with the use of Bluetooth to a Smartphone or Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device. In my case I will be explaining it synching with Bluetooth to a Samsung Galaxy S5.  Even without downloading and pairing with a smartphone you are still able to get full use out of the scale and its ability to read your weight, body fat percentage, percentage of water in your body, your muscle mass and cal-max ( this estimates maximum calorie intake to maintain your current weight, so this can be used to set daily calorie goals for weight loss). The scale itself runs off of three AAA batteries. In order for the information to synch with other apps, the Taylor SmarTrack app must be downloaded to your device from either the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. The scale/app will then link/share information to various fitness apps, like MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper etc. This is done by pressing “unit of measure" or "connect button” on the back of the scale for five seconds. When the scale is paired or synched with the smartphone you can input up to eight profiles or people in. Each profile you set up will ask for your gender/athlete as well as your height/weight/age. It will also want your goal weight you want to achieve and an activity level (AC) of one to five, with five being extremely active to one being very sedentary. These can be inputted also manually but with it connected it is a little faster.  To get a good reading on the scales platform it is recommended your feet have a little moisture on them, this helps with the body calculations and readings being taken. When you first step on the scale it will cycle through reading your weight, followed by a moving zero pattern. Next the scale will give the readings of body fat, body water, muscle mass, calorie estimate and goal weight in the smaller numbers below your weight.  A blinking “Bluetooth” icon will blink, letting you know the scale is connected and preparing to send your data to your app on your smartphone. Then a square book like symbol will appear letting you know your information is indeed being transferred. Wait for the book like symbol to disappear as this is when you know if the transition of data was successful. If the book like symbol stays on the screen, wait as data is still being transferred. The maximum weight the scale will read is 400 pounds and auto shuts off in ten seconds. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone already using a fitness app on their Smartphone. The set up is very quick. 
Here are a few screen grabs from the SmarTrack App after being synched with the scale and the information it sends across.

Fat Mass
Muscle Mass
Body Water
Calories to maintain my weight
Another screen in the app that charts your progress and can be viewed showing weekly, monthly and yearly progress on a graph. 


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