Tuesday, July 14, 2015

While somethings come to an end, a beginning starts a new.

After 221 days of "running at least a mile or more” it has come to an end.  There are days when fitting in a workout are easier.  I know taking a simple 12 minutes of a day is easy to just focus on the simple mile. I planned on keeping it going for at least the 365 days to say I did it for a whole year.  Long days and the heat have finally caught up to me this summer.  I still plan on getting my running, cycling and swimming workouts in, just not the daily mile like I have been doing. Just before I pulled the plug on the daily mile, I recorded a 15 second video clip and had a group of coaches from the Carmichael Training Systems analyze my running thru #SuuntoRun.  I have known for a long time that I am a heel striker and have been working on becoming more of a mid foot striker.  I received some great feedback, not only from the coaches but from others on social media after they took looked at my running form or shall we say lack of form in the video above. I wanted to get my form analyzed to help me become be more efficient runner. That being said, this spins right into my next training I have been working with. The XeroShoes, bare-foot running sandals. 

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