Monday, May 18, 2015

THE Pole, Bluetooth Monopod

I know I have reviewed other selfie poles before, but wait this one is different is a great new addition. First off THE Pole, bluetooth wireless monopod extends out 39 inches or three feet, 3 inches. THE Pole comes with a charging cable and GoPro mount as well as a spring loaded clamp for holding your bluetooth enabled smartphone. The spring clamp measures 2 inches before being pulled apart to about 3 1/4 inches to insert your phone into.  THE Pole supports Android 4.3 and iOS 4.  Here is where the coolest and addition to this is. You have the option to control the zoom in or out using the  +/- buttons when it is paired with a Samsung device!  This is great for those who have older Samsung smartphones or who have not updated there operating systems.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 so this feature will not work on mine, but I have paired it with an other Samsung smartphone and it does work.  I have been told by THE Pole's manufacturer that an upgraded Bluetooth chip will be installed in later models of THE Pole, yet the one I have is older.

To get THE Pole, check out their link

THE Pole 

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