Friday, March 13, 2015


Elastolace’s provided me with a pair of their easy to use elastic shoe laces.  The shoe laces I typically wear in my running or triathlon shoes I have used my homemade version of this product. I was willing to try the Elastolaces and see what they were like. Inside the package you will find two elastic, no tie shoe laces are pre-measured.  They measure 42 inches in length. Also inside the package are the locking devices, a simple squeeze to release clip.  Lace your shoes like normal and attach the lock where you would normally tie the laces. Give the lace extra space before attaching the end clip to keep the end of the laces together.  They are comfortable in any type of shoe with laces. I like to use them, due to the tension on the elastic laces expand and contract with my foot as I am running, keeping the shoe tight on my foot. They are great for kids and those who have trouble tying shoes or kids who find their shoes coming untied all the time.  I like how they come with extra tips for the laces, if you should decide to switch shoes you are wearing them in. 

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