Friday, February 27, 2015

Stark Safe Reflective Vest

The Stark Safe Reflective Vest is great for any runner or walker who wants to been visible when the sun goes down.  The comfortable vest can be worn even riding a bike.  It is easily adjustable and simple to put on. The highly visible bright green and reflective material are sure to catch the attention of others you are sharing the road or trail with. With the bright green it is very visible even during the daytime and at night the reflective strips continue to provide 360 degree visibility. The adjustable elastic straps are light weight and allow for full range of motion. The large buckle on the front is easy to latch. The waistband on the vest is adjustable to fit from 25 inches at its smallest to 38 inches at the largest.  I was thinking the should straps would be unforgiving and maybe would dig into my neck or be uncomfortable. Not the case, the vest is very comfortable. The shoulder straps also are adjustable from 15 inches to 23 inches.  The adjustable straps make it convenient if you wanted to wear it over a heavier coat or jacket.  Along with the light I wear on my head to see when I am running, to light my path, the vest is very visible to others. When not wearing it out running, it can be hung up on a hanger or rolled up and stored away.  

When it comes down to it, the Stark Safe Reflective Vest takes all five stars out of five stars. 


Toru Kawana said...

So, how much is the vest?

Tim Hacker said...