Thursday, November 6, 2014

MCL Surgery, on the road to recovery

Who's happier in this image? My mom or me as I come out of anesthesia from the surgery. 
(Note: I was still a little out of it as you might notice I put my shirt on backwards) 

So for any of you that happen to follow me on Twitter (@timhakr), you’ll know that Wednesday I had my MCL in my left knee repaired. Surgery was at 7am so the night before I didn’t sleep very well.  I was a little nervous but mainly excited to get the surgery done so I could begin to heal. The 45 minute procedure was over before I knew it, after being put under.  Some physical therapy is on the books and slowly easing back into running and cycling. I injured by MCL back in January and had been nursing it with a lot of ice packs and kinesiology tape.  I am anxious to get back on my knee and leg and not having it hurt while running or recovering a few days later. 
So while the MCL was repaired my doctor cleaned up the arthritis.  
Later on during the day I have been able to go without using any stronger pain medication prescribed, as I am feeling pretty good. 

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