Monday, November 10, 2014

LES Labs Male Health Dietary Supplement w/ Tongkat ali LJ100 and Ginseng

The supplement supports testosterone production along with maintaining energy and performance. The suggested use is one capsule once or twice a day. I have been consuming just the one capsule in the morning daily for the past month. Each vegetarian capsule contains 200mg L-Arginine HCI, 150mg Maca Root Extract, 150mg Nettle Root Extract, 100mg Ginseng Panax Root Extract and 25mg Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract ( Tongkat Ali LJ 100). As with any supplement, each person experiences different results. For myself, I have felt a little stronger and less run down after a typical workday or workout.  This could be caused by many things however.  For anyone wanting to boost their testosterone production, using this supplement might help them achieve that.  I am impressed with using the supplement in just over a month now. 

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