Monday, November 10, 2014

I AM A LOOKOUT - What it's all about

Let’s face it, when it comes to being struck by a car, you either know someone who has been struck or it maybe even yourself. It’s dangerous riding along with cars.  As drivers ourselves we know the numerous distractions that are out there.  LOOKOUTS are drivers that keep a special awareness not only to other vehicles but are keeping an eye out for those who maybe running or cycling along the same roads.  For instance traveling along side a cyclist, knowing not to make a right turn in front of them at a corner. There are numerous cyclists, commuters and runners out there.  They too need to make their journey to their destination whether it be at work or back home with their family. 
Leslie Kelly, the founder of I AM A LOOKOUT, started up this awareness campaign after her husband was struck by a vehicle while he was riding, and later a good friend of hers was not only struck but killed by a vehicle while out running.  
The I AM A LOOKOUT is a simple magnetic decal letting others drivers you are aware of the others out sharing the roads with you. 
Want to know more about I AM A LOOKOUT and be one also?

Check out Leslie’s website

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