Monday, April 7, 2014

A little more family time, while recovering

I was able to get out with my son mountain biking this past Sunday, second week in a row.  I was just going to go out for a few hours by myself when he asked if he could go again, so really how could I tell him no.  He told me he had fun the last time but he said it was too easy.  So I started thinking I would take him out on a little harder trail.  Loaded up the bikes and we were out the door.  Like before, I lead the way to our destination ( a playground ), with him leading the way back.  He did really well and is getting the hang of it.  There are a few tight corners where cacti come really close to the trail, so I just told him to slow down.  I didn't want to see him get stuck or fall into a cactus.  What a great ride.
I was glad for the slower ride, as my allergies have zapped my energy this week. So many things in bloom here along with the pollen and the wind only makes it worse.
Check out the video below and this will explain the fun out on the trails.   

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