Monday, March 10, 2014

Update Week Two Marathon Training

My running has become difficult.  I just get warmed up and into my run and that is fine.  The cool down and recovery is becoming more painful.  Just an easy just over 3 mile easy destination run Saturday was great, however two days later my knee is in pain.  I am starting to think I need to see another doctor or get another opinion about my MCL issue.  The doctor I am seeing now is pretty much just treating it for a time being kind of approach. He has me  running on it, doing my training as I have planned out, but in the next two weeks I bump up my mileage a lot.  I am thinking I will end up in the same spot I was before I started seeing him.  I have talked to others (friends, fellow athletes) about my issue and they are shocked that he still has me running on it.  The injury has me a little down on my performance and myself.  I am going to back down from running early this week, keeping it to some roller rides on the bike and keeping it low impact.  Still the ice and RumbleRoller and RR Beastie are keeping me going.  

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