Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Update Week One Marathon Training

I moved my long run from Sunday this past weekend to Saturday.  The day was suppose to be rainy all day so I was up for getting drenched.  I dropped my car off for an oil change and used the time to head out on an eight mile journey.  A little misty rain came down the first mile or so, but I quickly got into a groove and was loving the cool fresh air.  I did not really plan out a route, I just knew I was out for the eight miles.  I was trying to calculate in my head while watching my GPS so I would end up pretty close to my start point.  About four miles into my run, I was noticing ahead of me a few road closures. I knew the Phoenix Marathon was taking place that morning but had no idea what the course was.  I came across the race course twice, slowing down to watch and support those in the event.  Hit the eight miles very close to my start point and felt very strong.  My knee was great the whole run. The problem I had was the next day during the recovery.  It was a very bad day.  Knee was locking up and very sore making it difficult to walk around.  I had to keep icing it and still am three days later. The visit to the doctor Monday night kind of helped but the pain is still there.   I feel like I am a scientist trying to test the limits of my knee and see just how far it will go before it fails.   My schedule is tight this week and I hope I get my week day runs in.

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