Monday, January 27, 2014

Week Three Marathon Training Update

A day after my last week long training run of 9 miles, my left knee on the inside started to bother me.  After sitting for awhile my knee joint tightens up on me and becomes painful then again to bend.  I tried to treat it at home with massage and very low impact motion exercises.  I also used ice packs on it.  After the issue was not going away, I finally ended up calling and getting an appointment at the doctor to have it checked out.  A few tests at the doctor  and an X-ray was ordered.   Went early this past Saturday morning and had three different angles of the knee X-rayed.  Waiting to hear back from the radiologist what the word is or if an MRI is needed to find out more.  I have stopped the running completely and have kept the riding on the rollers with the bike to keep my training somewhat going. 

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