Monday, September 23, 2013

Udderly Smooth....the best way to fight dry skin

The summer heat and the constant getting in and out of the pool, dry skin is bound to happen.  The harsh chlorine in the public pool where I have been swimming this summer is pretty strong, as it should be to help keep the pool clean.  The chlorine is not so friendly with your skin.  The product line of Udderly Smooth's is where I turned adding hydration to my feet and all over my body.   From the lotion, body cream and the foot cream you are "totally covered", pun intended.  The greaseless Udderly Smooth products are great.  I am not sure how many out there follow my blog locally here in Arizona, but if you do, listen up.  I will bring a bunch of chamois cream samples to the Mesa Sprint that I am entered in next month. Swing by, introduce yourself and ask me for a sample, I would love to share.  I know too, nothing new on race day, so I am not saying you need to use it right then and there, but take it home and use during your training. It will be pretty easy to "spot" me, just look for the tall guy with the aero helmet with cow spots on it.  It's a sample, I mean, it's as simple as that. 

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