Monday, September 2, 2013

X-1 Audio Waterproof Cases

I have been using X-1 by H2O Audio waterproof headphone systems for years now. A great way to enjoy music without having to worry about sweat or water damaging your electronics.  I was using Surge headphones attached to a swim belt in which my iPod 3rd generation Nano was safely inside a case providing me numerous hour of enjoyable quality workouts in the pool. With wanting to do flip turns, the cord which ran along my back, I was afraid would get in the way.  So I decided to get another waterproof case from X-1. 

The case I got was the Interval 4G system which holds the 4th generation iPod shuffle and attaches to the goggles strap.  Out of the way from swinging arms while swimming.  I now use the other case I have for running on the treadmill or riding my bike on the indoor rollers.

I had the custom ear molds made at Gold Canyon Hearing, helping to make sure the ear phones stay in place.  The smallest bit of water still gets in my ears, but the custom molds totally help with ear issues with water in the ear. The set up is awesome. I fire up a good playlist and away I go.  Swim workouts are very enjoyable and the music helps me stay focused.  Really the only drawback is losing track of time and laps.  Summer has unofficially come to an end with Labor Day and so has my season pass to the local pool.

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