Sunday, August 11, 2013

Podium Cycling's Foam Rollers

 Podium Cycling makes foam rollers to help stretch tight muscles from the legs to the back.
I have used both the Level 1 Roller,  18 inches long, spiral shaped, as well as the Level 2 Roller,  13 inches long, with more ridges to roll deeper into muscle tissue.  The Level 2 roller is better suited for traveling due to its size while both rollers are 5 inches in diameter.  Both rollers help with stretching and recovery while massaging your muscles. I recommend for first time users to gradually ease into a recovery or any program using them.  I look forward after a hard workout using the rollers to aid in my recovery.  The foam roller works on removing trigger points, or small knots in your muscles along with flushing away lactic acid.  I use the roller on my lower body (hamstrings, calves and quads) then move onto working it on my upper and lower back. All this is done while laying on the ground either on the carpet or a matt.  Those with sensitive backs may find it uncomfortable and should take caution, as the devices are made to help you, not hurt you. The rollers help increase your flexibility while also improving your core strength. The Podium Cycling foam roller can also help with the redevelopment of muscles and restore the motion to joints in the body.  The foam rollers are designed to not break down which will give you many sessions of muscle recovery.

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