Monday, April 29, 2013

Skin Strong lubricant

I was given samples of the Skin Strong SLIK and SLATHER to try out and here is what I thought of them.  First off, SLIK is clear lubricant used to avoid chafing.  It is applied by a misting spray making it quick and convenient. The bottle says with the spray it is easy to apply in even the hardest reach places, which I had a difficult time with. Of course the bottle is turned upside down and the tube inside does not transfer any product out the spout. I used it on areas I know I get rubbing and chafing while both cycling and running. It worked great and did its job. I would have loved to try, yet have not so far, using it on the neck of my wetsuit where I always have issues with it rubbing and near the bottoms of my legs to easy removal of the wetsuit. The none greasy spray was pleasantly scented and the small 1 ounce bottle was convenient to slip in a gym bag, backpack or jersey pocket. Next was the SLATHER a chamois cream.  The smell was again pleasantly scented. I mainly used it on the chamois of my riding shorts and it stayed in place and helped avoid and rubbing. They suggest also using it for soothing chafing if you forgot to apply before hand.  I am looking forward to trying it out for soothing areas bothered when no anti-friction spray or cream was applied. 

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