Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Giving Cyclocross a Spin

This past weekend I competed and found out what cyclocross is all about, or at least three laps of a course is like.  I took part in the second-class citizen race.  The race was myself and two other costumed riders.  The course was full of hairpin turns, trees, and a few hill climbs.  It was set up on a local working farm in town.   The hill on the course had both packed dirt and loose, which was easier to dismount and run the bike up.  Also the one direction you entered the hill on, it was both soft dirt on the way up and on the way down making it much easier once again just to run with the bike.  I attempted to ride my bike down on my second lap, but only was slowed up and lost some time.  With the race starting at 10pm, when most folks are tucked in bed, I was pumped and ready to test out the course. The weather was rainy the day before, as well as off and on the morning of the race. The course was pretty dry and some parts had some sandy areas.  My oldest brother came out to support me and wanted to see what it was all about too.  The organizers set up lighting around the route but  while riding in some parts of the course it got pretty dark.  I was really glad I packed my Lupine Wilma X Pro to light the way for me.  I opted to wear it mounted on my helmet so what ever way I looked the light revealed what was there.  A fun race and a kick-butt workout.
For those wondering about the 24 Hour race I was to be in, two of the four team members pulled out leaving us unable to continue.  I however have been looking into a 12 Hour race coming up in January 2013.