Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Great ride with a new group

Last weekend I rode with a new cycling shop group of about 35 riders.  The riders were of all ages and levels, and I was just looking to get some quality miles in riding along with a group.  It was a great workout and met some nice folks.  The ride started out a little slow, but that was perfect. I rode to the shop as they left from there.  Cooler weather has moved into Arizona making the ride more fun. The rain we have been having has moved a lot of debris and sand into the bike lanes around town, so I expected to get a flat.  I rode with no issues.  I had ridden the roads on the course before so I knew the inclines we would come across.  The group stopped a few times to regroup.  I am looking to ride with this group again.  After doing their course and adding some of my own miles on, I ended up just shy of 45.5 miles on the day.  I felt great in the saddle and the rehab I have been doing on my IT Band has helped. 

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