Monday, August 27, 2012

On the road to recovery with my IT Band

On the road to recovery. My hip and IT band have not felt this good since last December. I attended a clinic at a local bike shop to learn how to treat my issue. A small clinic in which I was the only one in attendance. They had me get on a massage table and had me move my leg in different positions to help figure out where exactly the pain was and what was causing it. While I moved my leg, a physical therapist applied pressure to an area causing some high intense pain. After a few minutes of the therapists work, I stood up , walked around and was quickly feeling better already. They want to treat me in there office a few more times.  I have been doing some intense painful stretching before and after my workouts and icing my hip afterwords.  I might need to follow up on the appointments to make sure the pain goes away for good. 

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