Friday, March 30, 2012

A little over two weeks away from race day

The weather has really become nice here in Arizona, as well as my allergies have become really bothersome.  Still getting my workouts and not letting them get in the way, for now. Sunday I took a great nearly 25 mile training ride late in the day.  A perfect way to end the weekend. The feel on the road was nice. I am still really impressed on how using the rollers has improved my form.
Next weekends plans are to head out to some hills to work on some climbing.
So onto a quick tech tip,
The ProGold degreaser and bike wash works awesome.  Spray a little on and let it do its magic.  For those who dont have a set of cleaning brushes, here is a trick I have been using to clean hard to reach areas.  Get a rope! Yes a rope.  Slip the rope around the area you cant quite get a towel into and run it back and forth to loosen or wipe the dirt or heavy grime away.  Works great around your rear gear cassette. A clean bike is a bike that is easier to maintain and your parts will last you longer.

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