Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Lazer Tardiz

The Lazer Tardiz is an impressive helmet all around. The aerodynamic helmet has some great features built into it.  The fit is very nice and easy to slip on.  With it's Rollsys a wheel on the top of the helmet can adjust the size easily and comfortably.  Adjustments can be made while riding. The air channels at the front of the helmet allow for great airflow.  Aerodynamic helmets can often be hot without proper air flow.  To help with keeping cool, the Tardiz has an Aquavent at the top of the helmet too. This is a great feature, and one I have used a lot living in Arizona. The Aquavent work along with the Perfopad to help distribute the water all over the the top of the head and not in just one spot. The buckle is magnetic and goes together really easy.  It takes a little getting used to when removing, but is a great feature of this helmet.  The weight of the helmet is about 395g.  

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