Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monitoring my sleep with the Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager

Just before the holidays began I won a contest online winning a Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager. You may ask what the heck is that. Well, it an app used by either a iPad, iTouch and Android device which receives signals from a head band worn while sleeping at night. It monitors the overall time you sleep as well as the different levels of sleep you are getting each night.

The information it gives you is very cool. After a nights sleep it gives you what they call a (ZQ) or IQ number as to the quality of sleep you are getting. The head band sends information via Bluetooth to your device where it is recorded.
I have only worn it for about 13 nights now and look forward to finding out more on how I sleep and what I can do to improve the quality of my sleeping.

It records too how many times you have woken up during the night too. I was joking with my wife and told her I need to wear it the night before a race, just to see how crappy my sleeping is, if any. I will keep you posted what I learn.

Check the device out for yourself at www.myzeo.com

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