Monday, October 3, 2011

2 weeks ahead of schedule is better than being behind

After sitting down last week,  I found out I am two weeks ahead of schedule on my training program.  How did that happen?  I guess I started the program two weeks early I was so excited to get it going.  More long rides and runs then for the next two weekends, thats for sure.  Anyway, last weekend I had two of my best training sessions, all keeping my heart rate in Zone 2 using my Mio Watch Quest with GPS. An open water swim for just over 1.5 miles and a 40 mile ride.  The ride had a few hiccups with a flat tire, then when I was changing it realized I had worn the back tire down to seeing threads in the tread.  Both tire and tube have been changed and while I was at it slapped a new chain on the ride too.  I have been meaning to swap out the old chain for awhile and had just a little extra maintenance time over the weekend.  I now have a few weeks to break the new gear in before race day, which a quick ride after the installation was smooth.

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