Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great weekend training

 The above image is created using my Mio Quest GPS enabled watch, with heart rate monitor.

 Last Saturday, I was able to nail down another 50 miler in the heat.  I have been working on keeping my heart rate constant.  Some hills were added in this weeks longer ride, but nothing long.  No flats this week.

I guess this could be filed in the "Too Much Information", so for my longer weekend ride, I took my weight before and after Saturday.  I lost about 6 pounds which is before I removed my tri-suit and lost another 2 pounds.  I guess my clothes soaked up more sweat than I thought.  The high humidity must have made the material just hold the water and not let it evaporate.

My running is coming together and getting easier.

This past week I have been pouring over new songs to add to my iPod I run and swim.  Previous playlists I have on my player are getting dull and need to be updated.  I look to post a new group of "What is on my iPod" playlist as soon as I get it made and stay motivated.

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