Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An easy fix with fogging sunglasses

About 4 years back I had a pair of custom sunglasses made.  The frame I chose did not have any nose pads, which was fine for the time being. However, after a few bricks of swimming and running I started to notice the lenses would fog up. While running I would take the glasses off and on to help the problem.  What needed to be done was a very simple fix and it helped in two ways.  I made a pair of nose pads using regular caulking, yes from the hardware store.  I placed a few small circles of caulking on some wax paper of different sized until I had a bunch of choices.  I let the caulking dry a few days, and then picked a matching pair, size wise, and stuck them in the nose piece of the frame.  AWESOME!  The pads help lift the glasses off my nose a bit letting air flow under them and help with the fogging problem.  They also work to help stop the glasses from slipping off the bridge of my nose being they are a little sticky.  A very simple and easy fix.  No more fogging issues.

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