Sunday, June 5, 2011

More comfort in the water

For some, custom Orthotics are the key to helping their feet and knees. For me, I have been wearing H2O Audio's underwater iPod case during swim workouts in the pool for well over two-years now. It was not until recently I had been having difficulty with them staying in my ears as I swim. The headphones are great, don't get me wrong, I just needed a little better fit. I found out from some great friends over at Gold Canyon Hearing, is that my ear canals are very small and awkward shaped. They were able to help me out by starting off with making custom ear molds taken in their office. They were able then to have made custom earphones made from the molds. AWESOME! is really all I can say. Come to find out, for those not wanting to listen to music but just keep water out of your ears during swimming, they can also make custom ear plugs made. If the ear plug should ever come out while swimming (which it should not, its made to fit your ear) they float! If your in need of help, look them up Gold Canyon Hearing, located in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Tell Mark or Lisa, owners of the family owned business, I sent you.

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