Friday, May 6, 2011

I found a perfect app for that!

Last weekend while riding, I found out just as I pulled out of my garage, I was not able to access my large chain ring. Instead of canceling the ride I still got out to ride. I figured on my ride I would either stop by my local bike store or find some how to work my magic mechanic skills and get it fixed. Lucky for me I was able to locate a computer app called Bike Repair, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
When it comes to mechanics, I am not exactly a NASCAR pit crew member. The simple easy to use app, walked me through a front derailleur adjustment which fixed my problem. The app has a full menu of repairs to fix your bike. Follow the simple part of the bike that needs fixing, a list of possible problems with that part come up, in which you answer them pinpointing your repair. The great detailed photos with text walk you through the steps.
As someone that wants to save some money and feel the accomplishment of fixing your own ride this app is a must. Leave the the visits to the bike shop simply to visit the lonely repair techs, after you download this gem for yourself.
So with the month of May being National Bike Month, fix your ride and get out on the road. What is stopping you?
I look forward to using this app to combat other repairs I might have down the road.

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