Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of the month, excitement builds

Dang, the month of April has flown by. My training is almost at it's peak. Another strong two weeks and then the short taper. My morning running has been enjoyable with the cooler weather. The motivation to get up in the morning and get my first workout, normally my run, is getting easier. This weekend I hope to meet up with a new group of riders and do a group ride. My riding in the past three months has been normally done alone. I feel I should be able to keep up with the group, we will she how it goes. I am almost to my ideal racing weight, which is.....(?) now, now, I won't go telling what I weigh. I am looking forward to race day about two weeks from now. I end this blog post with a good saying I found a while back online and have been living by it.

You heard about the butterfly that struggled out of the cocoon right? A man saw the butterflies struggle and helped clear away the cocoon. Because the butterfly wasn't able to develop his wings through the struggle, it was never able to fly. Struggle is always part of the journey.

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