Monday, July 19, 2010

Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon race report

This past weekend I was able to get up north to Flagstaff and compete in the Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon. The day started out at 5:00am wake-up to get out to the lake side transition area at 6. Perfect timing, I was able to get a great transition spot and set up my gear. Took a quick run to help loosen up and feel how the altitude was going to effect me. Race time for my wave was 7:07am of 750 meters. Got the wet suit on for the chilly 70 degree swim and was off. The swim was like I remember the past two times I have raced. Very hard to keep my breathing under control. Was happy to exit the water but was a little wobbly for a few seconds after standing up. At my transition area my wife a kids cheered my on as I took off the wetsuit and grab to bike to get out on the 12.4 mile course. On the way out, of the out and back course, I kept a good pace going just watching the mile click off on the odometer. The turn around kind of hit me, there seemed to be a bit of a headwind on the way back. My pace dropped a little but really focused on keeping my rpm's up. Ditched the bike and headed out on the 3. 1 mile run. The run up on Flagstaff has always been difficult for me. I wore my Garmin to help keep my pace. I kept around a pace of a 9.30 min mile.
Overall am a very happy with my time. The swim course this year was also 50 meters farther than other years sprint distance race.
Mountain Man Sprint Tri times over the years

2007- 1:37:02
2008- 1:34:36
2010- 1:29:38

Thank you to my family for coming up and watching me race.

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