Monday, June 7, 2010

Hard weekend

Saturday morning I joined a local bike shop for a ride. The pace was nice. I don't typically ride with groups. They were kind of a rude bunch of riders and doubt if I will ride with the group again. It would be nice when pulling a small group if the riders behind would take their turns pulling. I felt good on the 37 mile ride which has 4 hills built in the course. Nice climbs of an up and back sort of route. With the ride early in the day I was able to get out of the heat before it climbed near 110 degrees Saturday. Sunday I took a weight class which I needed to do. A little stiff a day later but that will be worked out today in the pool. After the ride Saturday I started my testing of PowerBar ProteinPlus drink, I was sent last week being part of the PowerBar Team Elite. The chocolate flavor was great. Still clearing crap out of my lungs and hope to be 100 percent back to normal in a week from now.

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