Monday, April 12, 2010

sub 8 minute mile

I am very pleased with the training I have put in, or lack of training put in. During my training run this morning I was able to pull off a sub 8 minute mile. I don't think I have done this since junior high, if even then. I have always based my miles off of running them in 10 minutes or right around there. The longer the race the slower my pace of course. My next triathlon includes a 2 mile run to finish it. I am training for a shooting for running them a little under 19 minutes. About a month of training left for the race and still a lot of training to do. I think the new shoes have been broken in.
I will finish this week of training with a 4.2 mile walk with my son on my back for the annual Pat's Run, to honor ASU and Arizona Cardinal football player, and Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

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