Monday, February 15, 2010

Lost Dutchman Race Report

To start off with, I will tell you how I finished the 26.2 mile race, I finished in 5:37, 14 minutes faster than 3 years ago.
I got to the shuttle buses early enough for the almost 45 minute ride to the start. I was able to keep warm staying inside one of the "Warming" buses. Put my race number on while resting in the bus as well as started my nutrition for the day. The start at 7am was a little cool, so I was glad I opted for the leggings. The first 7 miles are on a dirt trail mostly downhill. My pace was a little to fast but I felt comfortable. My hydration was perfect. I started feeling like walking more around mile 15. It was at mile 18 that I broke out the cell phone (my phone a friend option) and called my wife to get some mental support and letting her know I would not be hitting my planned goal I had set out for. She told me to keep running and keep my pace up because she was getting our son and daughter ready to come watch me cross the finish. With that in mind I had to keep moving as fast as I could. The lactic acid was building up in my legs and I had to stop and stretch a few times near the end, which felt good. Near mile 23 I started picking up my pace knowing the finish line was getting close. In the last 4 miles I passed about 5 other runners which was a huge metal boost. I know for my next marathon things I would do different but with the training I put in for this one I am very happy with my result.

My next race looks like a sprint triathlon in mid-May here in Arizona.

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Jose Rosales Yepez said...

nice job man, keep the good work up!! and good luck with your next race