Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday's LSD report on 18 miles

I was hoping to be blogging more during the training instead of once a week. I am going to try and update the training at least every other day now.

Last Sunday's LSD run of 18 miles was tough. The first 12 were done with Jen and Gary at what I would call a pretty good pace. The weather was a little warmer and I think that is where I went partly wrong. The last 6 miles were tough with the last two being very hard. I hit the wall at 16 and hit it HARD. Energy was just gone. It started playing with my mind. I was starving for food. I thought I ate enough along the route and drank enough but did not. I need to increase my gels more often and drink more also. I need to remind myself that I will warm up after the first two miles and should have shed some clothes prior to almost overheating. Calves are feeling better, a speed workout on Thursday made them very tight.

Making changes to my plan of what I need to eat and drink will happen this week when we gather to run 14.

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