Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kali Protectives, MAYA Helmet

The Kali Protectives, MAYA is a very well made helmet with some sweet features. Kali Protectives produces helmets from full face helmets for downhill, enduro and trail to bucket helmets for BMX riders. Kali Protectives makes other body pads for legs, arms and shorts with padding built in. 
The Kali MAYA helmet has a visor that can be adjust slightly up or down, with a tension device installed just behind it, so it can be position and won’t move. Riding into the rising or setting sun this is a must.

 The visor also includes an accessory mount for attaching POV cameras, lights, etc. The helmet will keep you well ventilated with its 12 vents. Inside the helmet are anti-microbial pads along with a bug liner to keep bees and other bugs out from hitting your head. The helmet is light, weighing in at 360 grams. The helmet once adjusted and fitted using the straps and back of the head sliding buckle feels good and does not wiggle around. 

Kali Protectives offers its customers who have purchased a Kali bicycle helmet a limited Lifetime Crash Replacement (LCR) Warranty. If you have damaged your Kali bicycle helmet in a crash, you may file a claim to have your helmet replaced by Kali. You must send your helmet to Kali for inspection prior to receiving a replacement helmet. You cover the shipping, they will cover your head! 

If you crash your replacement helmet, then Kali will offer a 25 percent discount off MSRP towards the purchase of a replacement helmet. Contact for further details.

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Monday, October 16, 2017


The most comfortable flip flop I’ve ever worn.  Anatomically correct footbed and awesome support for my feet’s arches. Any chance I get, I get me feet out of my running or cycling shoes and slide them into my Telic flip flops. Great for walking around, standing or just relaxing with my feet up by the pool.  
This is Telic’s signature style! Designed with an anatomically correct footbed and offered in ten vibrant colors, this sandal is contoured to support the arches of your feet. It has a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support. A slight heel rocker off-loads heel pressure and accentuates the arch support. Made in the U.S.A. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

OLBAS oil and other OLBAS products for easy breathing

Cold and flu season is just around the corner.

Instant Tea, perfect for relaxing before going to bed. 

It’s really about respiratory health. Cyclists warming up have done this for a long time.  They shove cotton pieces with Olbas oil on them into their nostrils. What is Olbas oil?, It’s a decongestion oil made with Cajaput Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Juniperberry Oil, Levonmenthol, Dementholised Mint Oil and Wintergreen Oil. The combination of all these natural ingredients clear the sinuses and air ways making breathing easier and allow the necessary oxygen for a proper performance. So once again when it comes down to it, it’s really about respiratory health. 
If I don't use my Foojin (check earlier blog post), I will from time to time use the Olbas oil on a small piece of cotton.  If I wear them in my nose for the first few miles of a workout, I simply remove them and place them in my jersey pocket, to throw away later.
Olbas makes numerous products to help with respiratory health.  They make a salve, or you can use the oil, rubbed on the chest, neck, and other places on the body to help with aches and pains.  

They have an all natural tea, that will once again help with your respiratory health along with an inhaler that during cold season can be used.  I use the inhaler in the morning when I first wake up and right before going to bed.  It gives your lungs a relaxing sensation and opens up the nasal passages. 
They make a great bath soak, that once again will help with tired sore muscles and the vapors that rise from the hot bath water soothe the lungs and respiratory system.
Using the oil rubbed into the skin, it can help with tired or sore muscles after a training session or massage into your muscles before hand to help with relaxing. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Progress taking place a month out from Race DAY!

A month out from race day and feeling very good.  From the progress I have made on the trail as well as my cardio, I am getting excited.  
I am in the process of still making a few minor adjustments to my bike. I am loving the 2.4, 29 inch tires on the front, helping me glide over the sandy washes that are part of the race course and lower PSI I can run in the tubeless setup. 

After every ride on the course, I am going back and looking at the stats my Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR is gathering. My progress on the course has taken me from just over an hour to complete one lap, to now just around 50 minutes. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

New MTB rims, prepping for race day

New tubeless rim set up Bontrager Mustang 29in Elite TLR wheels with Bontrager  XR4 Expert tires. The front tire is 2.4 wide with the rear at 2.3.  The aggressive tread on the rear tire, rubs on the front derailleur at the bottom of the seat stay. I am then only able to use either the largest chain ring up front or the smallest, of the three. 

The middle chain ring is not usable as the tire rubs when it is in this position. With the tire pressures being 24psi in the front and 26psi in the rear, I was able to knock out a very good training lap at race pace of the course for early next month.  A few more changes and tweeks, and I will be set for race day.  I have some tubeless ready tires, that are 2.2 that I will swap out in the rear, and the rubbing on the derailleur won’t happen. 

On this mornings test lap of adjustments, I felt strong and am impressed with the wheel and tire set up.  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Pickle Juice Shot, Stop the Muscle Cramps

This little 2.5 ounce Pickle Juice Shot bottle is easy to drink and will keep your body from having muscle cramps. 
Pickle juice has commonly be used by athletes to speed up their recovery and defeat muscle cramps.  Well, there is no longer the need to buy a jar of pickles just to drink the brine, Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots are just what you need. 

The 2.5 ounce shot with 20mg of Potassium and 470mg of Sodium will help stop muscle cramps.  The full list of ingredients include, filtered water, vinegar, salt, potassium, zinc, vitamin C as well as vitamin E.  The 490mg of electrolytes and no sugar do more for you than your typical sports drink that has a lot of sugar and 49mg of electrolytes. 

Pickle Juice products are scientifically proven, purpose built 100% natural sports drinks that stop muscle cramps within minutes and prevent recurrence for up to an hour!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Winis "Wind Tour" lightweight socks

Winis "Wind Tour" lightweight socks

While looking for some new hiking socks I have found these Winis lightweight sockets a great companion. The pair of socks are made of 45 percent Coolmax polyester, 45 percent cotton, eight percent nylon and two percent Lycra Spandex. The cushiony cotton makes these socks comfortable, yet not bulky, while the wicking properties of the Coolmax polyester and the Lycra Spandex help with the stretchability. The socks wick sweat away from your feet, keeping them cool and dry. Not only are these great for hiking, but I have used them for cycling and running. They are not thick and bulky and fit very nice even with my size 14 feet. 

These socks are very comfortable and have helped me avoid blisters. I like the lower profile of the sock, as I am not a fan of high socks when wearing them to run or hike in. The stitching in the toe area does not bother my toes.  I would highly recommend these Winis Wind Tour socks to anyone looking for a great hiking sock.