Thursday, July 19, 2018

Training about to kick into high gear

Training is about to kick into high gear. Two races are coming up this fall.  They will be signed up and then make them totally accountable for in the next few weeks. 

The first is the team of four, mountain bike race. The team with the most laps in the eight hour period wins.  Each rider takes on the 10 mile course lap, one member out on the course at a time. 

The second race, is the next weekend from the mountain bike race, but this time it is a trail running race. The distance is 14 miles, so its just over the half-marathon mark. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Cat-Ears AirStreamz™, decrease wind noise and hear your surroundings.

Always working to improve an already functional and great product. 

Cat-Ears are a device you place on the helmet straps of your cycling helmet. The devices hinders the sound of the air as you move. Buffering the sound of the air then allows you to hear the sound of cars, other cyclists, etc. The device is easy to place on your helmet straps, taking under a minute. A minor adjustment may be needed to make sure they are in front of your ear.
I have them on both my road and mountain bike helmets.  
The effectiveness of the AirStreamz™ doing their job correctly stems from your helmet and straps being worn properly. Placing the AirStreamz™ on your helmets straps greatly reduces wind noise, allowing you to hear fellow riders or traffic around you, keeping you ultimately safer. I have found they are most effective when your helmets strap is on the inside the temple. They are hand-made in Boulder, Colorado, USA and are a must for any cyclist of any age, road riders or mountain bike riders. They are washable by hand and best dried by just placing flat letting them air dry. The pile material is soft.  

Cat-Ears are the worlds best selling noise reducing product for cycling.  The product is even 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Cat-Ears are highly researched and a proven product AirStreamz™is out and available to everyone. 

These devices simply attach with the Velcro® strips sewn on the inside. The two AirStreamz™ are not left or right helmet side specific, and full detailed instructions on how to install them are on the package. They fold around your helmet strap placing them right in front of your ear. I see a lot of people, first off with their helmets not fitted or strapped on properly. 

A couple years ago now, my family and I traveled to Boulder, Colorado, home of Cat-Ears.  While there my family and I got a tour of the facility where they not only hand make the cycling helmet devices but test and research improving the product. 

*There are other products like this on the market but they give false claims. Cat-Ears are scientifically tested and improved on. It's one to say things about your product, but Cat-Ears has data that can back their product up. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brush Hero makes cleaning your bike faster

I use a diluted solution of Simple Green, a degreaser, to clean my bike. Spray a little on, let it go to work and soak in, then follow it up using the Brush Hero.  Let the rotating brush go to work as the water rinses away the Simple Green and the dirt and grime. Forget breaking out the bucket for soap and water, the Brush Hero/Simple Green combination has sped up my bike cleaning process. 

Order yours through this link

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Conquer 400 TQXL portable bike stand

The Conquer 400 TQXL portable bike stand. Folds easily and can clamp around seat posts from 30mm to 70mm.  Includes a small tool tray for your most used tools to be right at hand. There is a front wheel holder to that can be used to hold the front wheel still and from turning side to side when working on the front end. For a portable bike stand, this comes in a under $60. Not too many other stands at this price point come with this many features and is portable. Can be used with bike up to 50 pounds. Use the stand to quickly work on derailleur adjustments or swap out tires and tubes fast. Use it for both mountain or roads bikes. 
It's not a must have, but quit leaning your bike against the wall or placing it on the ground. This stand gets both wheels off the ground allowing you to rotate the pedals and both wheels. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

U-GYM mini+: App-controlled Deep Tissue Massager

U-GYM mini+: App-controlled Deep Tissue Massager

This easy to use  TENS unit connects through BlueTooth to your smartphone. Easy to follow instructions on where place the pads (i.e., shoulders, neck, arms, legs, back etc.)
Loosen muscles using the device. 
A TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit is used to help reduce pain and increase circulation.

Check it out and order yours at 
the link below

U-GYM Deep Tissue Massager

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Suunto Software Update 2.0.40

Suunto Software Update 2.0.40 You can now access getting your heart rate without entering the exercise mode with the Instant HR display

Suunto Spartan 2.0.40 software brings new features 

Intensity zones for pace and power, so in addition to HR zones, you can now define zones for pace and power

Enriched training targets: Now from the exercise start screen, you can:

Set duration or distance targets and follow your progress through your exercise.
Set intensity targets: based on heart rate (all activities), pace (running) and power (running and cycling, when a power pod is paired)

They enhanced the Suunto Spartan user a with new, more efficient navigation that includes the following highlights including 

Notification history: from the watch face just press the middle button to see all your recent notifications from your mobile device.
Temperature has been added to the outdoor screen (Ultra and Baro models), found by navigating down with the lower right button or by swiping down.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The UHWK point of view video camera

This sleek designed video camera easily attached to your helmet. Inside the box, it comes with a few straps and ways to mount on a helmet, including hockey and football. It can also be worn on a headband. The camera shoots in either 1080 at 30 frames per second OR 720 at 60 frames per second. It records in a .MOV file, which most video editing programs recognize. It also records sound, pretty much just of the wearer, so your voice can be heard. 
A simple slide of the on/off switch starts the recording. 
The internal battery can last about 100 minutes of recording and then needs to be recharged using the enclosed micro USB cord. 
The camera lens has a wide field of view at 150 degrees.