Friday, November 17, 2017

Arctic Cool for the holidays!

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or for someone on your shopping list?  Keep them cool during their workouts indoors and out. They will love the feeling of staying cooling during their hot workouts by wearing the Arctic Cool, cooling shirt, with HydroFreeze X. The shirt is very comfortable and stretches very well. The more a person sweats, they more they are cooled off. Mist the shirts fabric with water to start your workout with the cooling sensation or just let the fabric do the work and wait until you start to sweat. The fabric wicks sweat and moisture from your skin, leaving you cool and dry.  I have used and love using Arctic Cool’s products especially living here in Arizona. The cooling effect is more noticeable when you are moving through the air, but with a fan blowing on you at the gym will have the same cooling effect. The fabric material is made of 94 percent polyester and six percent spandex while treated to be anti-microbial.  Wash and care of the fabric can be washed in the machine with cold water and like colors. Arctic Cool says it can be put in the dryer but with all my technical clothing I prefer to just hang and let air dry.

Arctic Cool’s fabric with Hydrofreeze X Technology wicks the moisture away from your body and in turn uses it to activate the fabrics cooling properties. The shirt will reduce your temperature by up to 30 degrees. 

Get Arctic Cool wear for the golfer, runner or any athlete in your friends or family circle. Sure there is the popular crew workout shirt, but they also have polo shirts and tank tops made with the same material and various colors to choose from. Keep them cool during their workouts. I know it may be cold outside, right now where you are,or even snowing, but the summer heat is guaranteed to be back. 

Arctic Cool is the fastest growing apparel company that
incorporates cooling technology into it’s apparel. Arctic Cool is an American company, and is owned and
operated from the United States.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Software update for Suunto Spartan WHR

Suunto released the new version 1.11.56 software update for their Suunto Spartan WHR.  It now includes sleep monitoring as well as other improvements. 
Check out the new option for a watch face, that keeps you informed on when the sunrise/sunset is as well as the percentage of the moon that is illuminated. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Up next....

Prepping for hiking the Grand Canyon at the end of this month.  Hiked 10 miles this morning with my wife at a local desert park. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

2017 Showdown at Usery Race Report

Race Day Recap

8 Hours of the Showdown at Usery Mountain Regional Park. 

It was awesome. I felt much better than last year, physically and mentally. The training leading up to it was tough, as I had a cold and some allergy issues about two weeks out from race day.  I tried everything to speed the recovery along.  Olbas oil in the humidifier was a huge help. 

The team I was on, of four riders, representing Gold Canyon Hearing, hit our expected goals to keep on track. The 10 mile course looked like this. 

*1:  51:40*
2:  46:40 
3:  52:20 
4:  47:37 
*5:  50:37* 
6:  46:42 
7:   54:39  
8:  48:48 
9:   47:57 
*10:  53:13*

*Official chip timed laps* 

Race morning stretched and warmed up in the campsite we were staying at. Felt hydrated and had a +Greens meal replacement, +PlusShake about an hour before the start along with a +Greens +PlusBar, Chocolate Energy. 

Bike was set to go the night before, everything dialed in and adjusted. 
I knocked out my first lap, including the 400 yard LeMans running start, with these times being recorded by my Suunto Spartan WR in 51:57, my second lap in 50:42 and third lap in 53:09. 

Felt strong after the run and getting on the bike.  My heart rate was a little high, but with the excitement I expected that. 
Between the laps I rode, I kept hydrated with water and kept food going in. 

Along with the +Greens +PlusBar, Chocolate Energy bar and +Greens +PlusBar, Natural Bar with 18 grams of protein, I also prepared small containers of white rice with mango mixed in for the carbohydrates as I was burning

1116 calories on the first lap  
1020 calories on my second lap 
946 calories on my last lap in the dark. 

The course was a mix of soft and hard desert. Winding turns and as the day went on some portions of the trail were very powdery. There is one optional section of the race where you can climb the Cat Peaks By-Pass, instead of riding the full distance around, possibly for some shaving some time and distance off their lap. 

I am not a huge fan of sports drinks, as the sugar content tends to upset my stomach, but stayed hydrated all day using PickleJuice to keep electrolytes in my system helping stay hydrated and avoid cramping. The weather started off cooler than usual with some cloud cover, and even a sprinkling of rain. That changed as the day went on as the heat arrived later on. 

We ended the 8 Hour race with 10 laps and a time of 08:20:08. As long as we crossed the start/finish line before the end of the eight hours, which we did. We were able to complete that last lap. 
We finished in the Male Quad division in 10th Place. 

After talking with my team after the race was over, we started thinking of what we can do to get our times even lower than they already are. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Under a week away from race day!

Less than a week away from race day and I'm about 93 percent ready.  A few more training rides and I will start to put in place everything I will need for race day.  The weather looks to be in the mid 80's for a high and low 50's for the day.  I have finally kicked an allergy/sick bug that hit me about ten days ago.  My training has kept going, with difficulty breathing after a hard workout. Coughing keeping me up at night.  Thankful that is over and my nights are back to getting restful sleep.  
With three other teammates, I will be putting in a lap with some good rest in between and time to get some fluids and food to replace what I have spent.  Looking forward to the competition. Excitement it starting to creep in. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

USB Direct thumb drive

As like anyone, I transfer files while working on video and photo projects. 
Transferring files between smartphones and laptops, I typically will just email or use a cloud based system to do the job. However, the USB Direct thumb drive makes it much quicker and without the need for cell or wifi service. There are connections build in the drive to allow it to be used in an Apple Lighting port, laptop or desktop USB port and even a micro USB for android phones.  Hidden inside the USB mount is the micro USB.

 You would still need the adapter though to plug into newer smartphones, USB-C, which is not included. There is 16 GB of space so it is plenty big for numerous photos or files to either transfer with or store on.  Being a user of both Apple laptops and Samsung smartphones, it is great to have all these options available. Use it to transfer or back up files on your smartphone or computer.  I had to go to the Google Play Store and download a free app called USB Driver for Android so the thumb drive will work on my smartphone. There is an app to in the iTunes store to make it work on Apple devices. 

Find it here 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Heated seat cushions

I wanted to try these heated seat cushions out, well because the rental car we had a few weeks ago had heated seats.  These seats felt great in the colder climates we where visiting, not to mention felt great on warming up my glutes and hamstrings while riding in the car.  So these seat cushions can be used in a car that does not already have them as a cars built in features.  They simply plug into the 12 volt accessory plug (aka cigarette lighter). I am so glad I got them and would highly recommend them to others whose vehicles do not already have them factory installed.  The heated seat makes for a more enjoyable ride in the colder winter months. These heaters have an option for for a low or high setting.  Just remember if you don’t turn them off or unplug the cord, you could walk out to a dead battery. 

You can find them online here